Maximizing Media Investment

Luxury brand Tacori doubled conversion volumes and saw a 65% reduction in cost per action.

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    Luxury brand Tacori expressed interest in exploring novel approaches toward maximizing paid media investment. Simultaneously, our data science team recently enhanced Goodway’s algorithmic suite, RealValue®, focused on identifying the most efficient method to purchase the highest-value inventory for the right price and at the right time. There was mutual interest to see if this new technology could help generate better ROI for Tacori’s paid media.

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    Our data scientists adapted a new combinatorial inventory algorithm that evaluates impressions based on aggregated attributes indicating a user’s potential value. Goodway partnered with our client, Tacori, a luxury jeweler, to test the new algorithm's effectiveness on campaign performance. The algorithm enabled us to assess auction opportunity values and create a tiered bidding strategy that prioritizes high-value impressions.

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    Tacori partnered with us to set up a two-week test to determine if the new algorithm would successfully increase bids for the right auctions and generate a higher win rate for better-performing impressions. The post-test analysis showed we won more higher-performing impressions and that Tacori’s conversion rate increased by 2x and its cost per action decreased by 65%.

  • The Goodway team has invested the time and energy to truly understand our business both online and offline, and they leverage their ever-evolving data and tech to meet our individualized needs. Highly recommend!

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    Alessa MartinVice President of Marketing, Tacori


    The new algorithm positively impacted Tacori’s national campaign.

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    Conversion Rate Increase

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    Cost-Per-Action Decrease


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