Attributing Lift Across the Customer Journey

Taking a full-funnel measurement approach empowered a leading mattress retailer to confidently invest in its targeted audience strategy.

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We aim to be a true business partner to our clients. Our data and analytics efforts are taken with the sole purpose of driving to the best possible customer outcome.

Steven Urgo
Steven UrgoData Insights Analyst, Goodway Group
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    A leading mattress retailer sought to grow its presence to attract new, high-value customers. While our client historically invested in display advertising as an efficient driver of ROI, it was beginning to see diminishing returns on this channel. The retailer planned to run Programmatic Video and CTV but was concerned these new channels would not see the marginal performance efficiency needed to justify the investment.

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    Utilizing a suite of cross-channel measurement solutions, the Goodway team was able to examine the entire customer journey from upper funnel media exposure all the way to an on-site purchase. This enabled our client to track the incremental performance lift that Programmatic Video and Connected TV added to Display advertising performance beyond last touch attribution.

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    Goodway’s customer-centric approach helped demonstrate the crucial role that Programmatic Video and Connected TV played in driving incremental sales revenue. When CTV or Programmatic Video preceded Display Advertising in the consumer journey, we observed a 7x lift in revenue per exposed user. These results led to our client doubling future Programmatic Video and CTV investments.

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    CTV and Programmatic Video, upper-funnel channels in their customer journey, proved to be influential and contributed to conversions more than our client initially hypothesized.

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    Lift in Revenue per Exposed User

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    Conversion Rate Increase When CTV or Programmatic Video Preceded Display

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    Media-generated Revenue Included CTV or Programmatic Video Touchpoints


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