Goodway Group Wins 2021 Oracle Markie Award

Goodway Group is out ahead of the cookieless future, and the industry is taking notice: At the highly esteemed 15th annual Oracle Markie Awards, Goodway won the inaugural Context Award for the best application of positive contextual targeting.

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The Markie Awards

The Markie Awards, according to Oracle, “celebrates customer experience (CX) innovation and excellence in advertising, marketing, sales, service and commerce.” Out of hundreds of submissions from around the world, Goodway was one of only fourteen exclusive winners recognized for innovative ideas and processes – for driving tests that produced incredible results that outperformed data-based tactics across the customer journey.

Goodway’s Contextual Targeting Solution

“Data reliance is a requirement and an uncertainty today. Contextual targeting is one key element across the cookieless solutions that will be central to a future founded in data privacy and security,” says Goodway’s Nick Gaudio, client strategy director. Using contextual targeting, performance metrics and careful analysis to improve the customer experience, Goodway created an innovative way to maintain performance efficiencies established by cookie-based campaigns using alternate data sources to drive conversions for our auto clients.

These auto clients, heavily reliant on leveraging audience or data in targeting strategies, tapped into contextual segments to further reach target consumers while prime for exposure in relevant online environments. Auto historically has relied on audience targeting for conversion-based key performance indicators (KPIs), so leveraging positive context and Predicts segments were new frontiers.

Contextual Campaign Results

Contextual targeting matches ads to relevant environments across the web using identifiers such as keywords, topics, images, videos and more. Decide what content type you want to run your ad next to and align with the right keywords and topics, and an ad partner can then scan its network pages and match your ad with the most relevant content to reach your customers and prospects when they’re in just the right mindset.

Working with Oracle Advertising, Goodway was able to leverage audience insights and data into contextual segments to further reach customers in relevant digital media environments. Clients not only could target in-market individuals but also could target those who may have opted out of cookie pools or were not yet included within in-market audience segments to drive incremental exposure.

Campaign results were eye-catching: Goodway increased context revenue by 194% year to date (YTD); exceeded standard conversion benchmarks by 60%; and surpassed standard contextual conversion rates by 12% with custom Predicts segments.

“Contextual targeting is one key element across the landscape of cookieless solutions that will be central to a future founded in data privacy and security,” says Nick. “So, with The Context Award, it’s truly humbling to be recognized for our work, striving for what could be and not what is.”

Where to Go From Here

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